In lieu of publishing a blog post this week, we’re taking time to listen to the BIPOC community and to continue to educate ourselves on systemic racism that exists globally. We are a diverse team at Nimbus, and as such we understand that working towards equality takes hard work, difficult conversations, and time spent learning about the daily experiences of others.

We realize that it is not enough to stay silent and listen. We also have a platform which we are using to highlight Black voices and organizations, investigations into systemic racism, as well as supporting initiatives planned by our partners across North America.

At Nimbus, our goal is to support educational communities in which all members can create meaningful connections and work to their highest potential. We stand against racism in all forms and work to break down barriers where we see they exists – both in our own institutions and others’.

Here is what we are reading and watching to learn more:

Tragic Death of George Floyd Reveals Continuing Problem of Police Violence Equal Justice Initiative

How to Make this Moment the Turning Point for Real Change by Barack Obama

Attention white people: Your #BLM memes are not enough by Mellina White

The 1619 Project Various Authors, New York Time Magazine

The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander

Known to Police series by the Toronto Star

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