Nimbus Learning is excited to announce a new type of partnership – one that isn’t tied to a post-secondary campus.
Education A-Z is a tutoring company offering a variety of educational services to students of all ages in the greater Montreal area, from elementary school through university level. They offer one-on-one, private tutoring, specifically tailored to each student’s unique learning style and needs.
Their goal is not only to improve school grades, but to foster confidence, independence and life skills to better the lives of our students.
This week, we spoke to Alysha Zackon, the co-founder of Education A-Z and a tutoring savant about the importance of pairing the right tutor to students in need and her goals for this year.

What is your role in this company?

I am the co-founder of Education A-Z, as well as one of its tutors. My main job is finding, introducing potential instructors into our philosophy and approach to tutoring and learning, and ultimately matching the right tutor for each student. We are looking for tutors who have the right blend of domain knowledge, social skills, reliability, adaptability and love of teaching.

Why were you interested in working with us?

When I first heard about Nimbus, I immediately recognized its potential to benefit our clients and our business. Nimbus offers an outstanding platform that provides a much-needed service in Montreal. It is especially important today for teachers to be able to give students the full range of available sources for help in learning. This includes access to the best extra help that many students need. Nimbus is an excellent platform for the type of partnership needed between Education A-Z, our clients and our tutors.

What are your program’s goals for this school year?

We aim at matching students with the best educators to help them learn content in an enjoyable and relatable manner. We also help them prepare for tests and examinations by teaching both context and test-taking strategies that minimize test stress. We want our students to gain a strong grasp of content that will carry over to their more advanced classes and different contexts. Most importantly, we believe that we can teach our students effective learning strategies that they can adapt and use their entire life.
While these goals have not changed, the current pandemic has educational and social impact on the way students learn, and the ways we can assist their learning; Education A-Z has adapted to this new challenge.

What role do you hope Nimbus can play in helping you reach your goals?

The importance of matching the student with the right tutor cannot be stressed enough. Nimbus will make it easier for students to find the specialized educational services they need. It will help us pair students with their most suitable tutor based on a variety of factors.
Nimbus also facilitates the scheduling process; both the client and the tutor can spend less time scheduling and more time on education.

Have you changed your approach to tutoring/teaching due to COVID?

While our teaching philosophy and goals have not changed, we will be leveraging technology more than ever to adapt to these unprecedented times. As many of our students are opting for online learning, environment, we will be strategically using various features of video calling platforms. We will also be adapting our methods to make the tutor/student interaction as engaging on-line as it would be face-to-face. This way, we will be able to provide a safe solution without compromising the quality of teaching and learning.

What advice do you have for tutors as they navigate the pandemic?

Tutors should avail themselves of the latest technological solutions and online learning tools. They should also be aware of, and adapt to, the particular limitations of not learning in face-to-face interactions. If they are tutoring students in person, they should adhere to social distancing guidelines.

What advice do you have for students as they begin school with COVID in mind?

First and foremost, follow your school’s safety regulations closely. This is your time be super-heroes and heroines and protect those around you. Take pride in the fact that your actions will contribute to our society’s success.



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