As the world comes together to respond to the COVID19 crisis, we at Nimbus Learning have switched gears from normal operation to understanding how we can help higher education institutions serve their students through this stressful period. With campuses worldwide implementing social distancing strategies, students and faculty have come together in extraordinary ways to support each other through the uncertainty.

We are working around the clock to be of assistance through this time.

Starting in April, Nimbus Learning will be offering an online tutoring platform. It is important to us to not only help our partners navigate this situation, but also to continue to provide access and support to students as they enter their exam season. With this new platform, students can still access the same quality and reliable tutoring service managed by their universities or student unions and tutors will also retain access to valuable jobs.

We understand that budgets have been stretched thin through the transition period and for this reason we are providing access to the online tutoring platform free of charge to all of our partners (old and new) throughout the spring and summer. We will be in contact with all of our current partners to ensure this roll out happens as smoothly as possible. Should any tutoring organizations we have not already partnered with feel they need access to such a platform, or would like support in developing or expanding a campus tutoring program, please let us know. It would be an honour to be of assistance to any educational institute through these uncertain times.

Stay safe, stay healthy and keep learning.


Will and Ben

Co-Founders of Nimbus Learning.

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