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At Nimbus Learning, we believe in preserving the human element when using technology.

So we’d like to introduce ourselves – the team behind the edtech.

We work pretty well as a team. Together we’ve memorized the office snack schedule, perfected the art of making mocha coffees and have killer Zoom background game. There is currently an office pool on how many articles of Nimbus branded clothing Will has – if you’d like to get in on the action make sure to get in touch.


Will Liu, member of the tech team, smiles into the camera, He is wearing a blue checkered shirt

Will Liu

Founder & CEO

William Liu is the Founder and CEO of Nimbus Learning. Having a mind for entrepreneurship, William started his first business when he was 14. Now, Will directs his passion for business towards supporting educational communities.

“People who have a passion for teaching can make a difference in people who are wanting to better themselves,” William says. “These things and these experiences along with my passion for entrepreneurship just kind of made me say, you know what, let's build something. Let's build this learning platform where people that want to teach and learn can connect with each other.”

Ben stands in a white shirt, staring directly at the camera.

Ben Attal

Co-Founder & COO

Ben Attal is the co-founder and COO of Nimbus. Playing a role in the leadership team of Nimbus, Ben is an advocate for finding technology-driven ways to build relationships between teachers and students.

“In about October of 2017 when Nimbus first launched to students at McGill…literally, my only job for the first three or four months was doing class announcements in every classroom at McGill and handing out hundreds upon hundreds, maybe thousands of flyers,” Ben remembers. “I saw that what Nimbus was doing was really filling a void at the university that I really aligned with.”

Development team

Haruki Moriguchi, a member of the tech team, stands in a blue collared shirt

Haruki Moriguchi

Chief Technology Officer

Haruki Moriguchi is the Chief Technology Officer for Nimbus Learning. Focusing mainly on making the behind-the-scenes development for the Nimbus platform, Haruki has been with Nimbus since the very start.

Haruki loves building the Nimbus offerings. Identifying ways to improve on the application, finding ways to implement these improvements, and then making them happen is what he thrives on.

Aaron Lee, a member of the tech team, stands smiling into the camera. He is wearing a white collared white and brown glasses.

Aaron Lee

Lead Front End Developer

Aaron Lee is the Lead Front End Developer for Nimbus. Focusing on the user interface designs, Aaron has been with Nimbus since the very beginning. He majored in Mathematics and Computer Science at McGill University when he was approached by Will to start a tutoring company.

“At the beginning it went from just the whiteboard…just drawing everything down,” Remembers Aaron. “[Now] I like…working with users and getting direct feedback. It's always pretty cool. They'll give us feedback because they work really closely with our customer support. So whenever there's a bug or there's anything that the users don't like we get the feedback and we'll have a meeting about it and go through all the bugs … depending on what feed-backs we get we'll pump out different features”.

Abhi looks directly into the camera, he is weaing a light blue collared shirt.

Abhinav Bhandari

Front End Developer

Abhinav Bhandari is a Front End Developer for Nimbus Learning. Hailing from Tokyo, Japan, Abhi originally heard of Nimbus while studying computer science at McGill University.

Abhi is passionate about using technology to make education more accessible & affordable for students around the world. Before he formally joined Nimbus, and while working as a data scientist in Tokyo, Abhi developed a tool to help teachers correct grammar in students’ essays.

Partnership success team

A woman with long blond hair wearing a black blazer is smiling for the camera. She is standing infront of a wall full of green foliage.

Marilyn Hardy

Partner Success Manager

Marilyn is the Partner Success Manager at Nimbus Learning, where she is responsible for maintaining and improving relationships with our partners. Marilyn focuses her efforts on identifying issues before they become a problem, increasing operational efficiency and simply being there when needed. If she doesn’t know how, she and the team will figure it out.

“Nimbus is a concrete way to make a lasting impact for students, faculty [and] administration,” Marilyn says. “All while breaking down the usual silos – I like that.”

Patrick is a member of the tech team and a partnership advisor. He looks into the camera, smiling, wearing a maroon shirt and circular glasses.

Patrick Arevalo

Partnership Associate

Patrick Arevalo is a Partnership Associate with Nimbus Learning, playing a large role in ensuring that Nimbus’s partners have everything they need to support their tutoring and mentorship programs. Previously the Peer Tutoring Coordinator for the University of Manitoba Student Union, Patrick knows first-hand what it takes to develop and run a good program.

“It's amazing, the versatility of it and the system and how everything flows from one thing to another,” says Patrick of how he likes working with the Nimbus platform. “That’s what I really enjoy.”

Andreas wers a grey sweater and smiles for the camera.

Andreas Jakobos Koch

Partnership Associate

Andreas supports tutor recruitment for Nimbus partners and is responsible for ensuring that Nimbus is a fully bilingual service, translating our apps, websites, and any partnership support material.

Having graduated with an undergraduate bachelor's degree in political science, Arabic and history, Andreas previously tutored through the Nimbus platform. This allows him to bring his knowledge of the ins and outs of a successful tutoring session to the next generation of tutors.

“I enjoy [working with the tutors] because it's nice to get a snapshot of completely different subjects,” says Andreas. “You get to learn a bit of psychology, you get to learn about criminology, you get to learn about neuroscience. It's just nice interacting with potential tutors.”

Business development team

Dima Sammur

Sales Operations Manager

Dima Sammur is the Sales Operations Manager for Nimbus.⁣ Currently, in her final year of the Business Management program at Ryerson University, Dima is studying how to develop agile, responsive businesses. ⁣

“If we had some sort of mentorship or tutoring up while I was in my first year that might have helped me out a lot,” says Dima. “So reading [Nimbus’s] mission statement and the vision, I felt like I really connected to it.”

Communications team

Jenn smiles for the camers. She stands infront of a blue stone wall wearing a white shirt.

Jennifer Palfi

Marketing Manager

Jenn is the Marketing Manager for Nimbus Learning. When not creating those awesome animated stories you see on our social media pages, Jenn studies digital enterprise management at the University of Toronto Mississauga and runs her own greeting card company, Paper Protege . ⁣

“What drew me to Nimbus is the fact that I am a student and I understand the struggle…when I first got into university I was really lost…if I struggled with a class there was no way that I could find a tutor easily or connect with people,” says Jenn. “Having Nimbus as a tool for students and letting them know that this is a resource they can use drew me to the company.”
Emma Jones is a member of the tech team. She sits wearing a dark purple shirt infront of a coloured background

Emma Jones

Content Creation Lead & Marketing Associate

Emma is the Content Creation Lead for Nimbus, focusing on writing and developing content (like this website!) that attempt to engage and inform members of the educational community. Having been a student tutor while in her undergrad at UofT, Emma is passionate about Nimbus’s goal to develop and nurture connections between students and educators.

Outside of helping to develop Nimbus’s blog (Go read it now!), Emma counts her greatest accomplishments as cutting back to two cups of coffee a day, teaching her mom’s dog to rollover, and successfully owning a plant for more than a year without it dying.

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