Last week we spoke to our tech team about their most frequently asked questions. This week, we’ve asked our partnership success team the same. Here’s what they said.

1. How will I know when if I got refunded for the lesson?

Refunds are immediately processed upon cancellation of your lesson or if there was a specific request to our team. However, the time it takes for the amount to return to your account may depend on the processing times of your financial institution (usually it takes a few business days to process)

2. I need a tutor for a certain course but the course is not on the app. What should I do?

If the course is not on the app, it is likely that there are no tutors for that course yet. Please reach out to your program coordinator to request a tutor for your specific course!

3) Does the Nimbus App adjust its time based on the user’s current time zone?

Yes! The Nimbus App uses the user’s location to adjust the time zone.

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