At Nimbus, we’re always looking for ways to serve our partners better. This month, we’ve built out an entire new side to our website, specifically for students. This website gives information on how to use the Nimbus app, how to apply to be a tutor, the most common questions we’ve been asked by students, and more.

This new addition to our website gives our partners easy one-click answers to the questions they will no doubt be asked by new Nimbus users, meaning there’s more time to focus on building your community and supporting students.

The new landing page

When you visit, you probably noticed a new landing page asking you if you are a student or tutor, or if you manage a tutoring program.

Clicking on “Managing a tutoring program” will take you to the Nimbus website you’ve known and loved for years (new updates coming to this side soon!)

Clicking on “Student or Tutor” will take you to the new area of the Nimbus Learning website.

The new Nimbus Learning landing page. White tezt on a blue bacground. The text asks readers to identify if they are a stutdent, tutor, or if they manage a tutoring program.
The new student homepage. White text on a pink background says "Find or become a tutor through Nimbus Learning."
Images of two videos on the nimbus student homepage. Videos are titled "How to become a student" and "How to become a tutor"

Welcome students!

Clicking on the “Student or Tutor” button will take you to the new student-focused side of our website.

The student homepage introduces the purpose of the Nimbus platform to students, including two videos on how to apply to become a tutor at their school and how to use the Nimbus platform to find a tutor.

Find a tutor & become a tutor

Pages designated to “Find a tutor” and “Become a tutor” do a deep dive into how to use the Nimbus app for these purposes, giving students a handy guide if they’re stuck.

Screenshot from the "find a tutor" page. The text "scheduling simplified" sites beside an image of a phone open to the Nimbus calander setting of the app.
A screenshot of the Nimbus FAQ page with commonly asked questions visible in whilte text on a pink box. Questions include "How do I pay a tutor through the Nimbus app?" and "How do I apply for the credit program?"


A new FAQ page includes answers to common questions, so students can get the answers they need ASAP.

Get Nimbus at your school

The “Get Nimbus at your school” button allows students who don’t have access to the Nimbus platform to connect with our team, so we can investigate getting them access to another complimentary program or connect with their admin to bring Nimbus to them.

A screenshot from the "Get Nimbus at your school" page. A white form sits on a blue background, asking for information like Name and what services do you want to see at your school.

Nimbus Learning now offers an online tutoring platform which allows students virtual access to academic support and mentorship. Click here to find out more.

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