Corporate Mentorship

We help companies launch and grow cross-functional mentorship programs to improve employee communication, satisfaction and success.

Connect your company from within

Help connect your employees to share knowledge and better understand your company values and keys to success. Our software allows for effortlessly scheduled mentorship sessions and automates the processes of managing these programs

Understand your employees better

Promote and retain your top talent by tracking the effectiveness of mentorship programs such as the frequency of use, feedback on how sessions went, the type of help employees are seeking, and more.

Customizable, ever-improving, zero-maintenance technology

We work with you to build a program personalized to the specific needs of your organization, and with our whole team at your disposal, you can expect constant upgrades to the platform without having to involve IT.

Additional Perks

Thanks to our partnerships with local educational organizations, offer your employees credits for learning activities: tutoring for their children, lear-ning a second language, fitness lessons, and more.

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