New school years always bring new adventures for the Nimbus team. On top of launching the new online platform from our kitchen tables, Nimbus has also branched out to connect with faculty-based organizations on top of the partnerships we already have with larger school-wide student services.

With that, we are thrilled to announce a new partnership with the Commerce Student Association (CSA) at the University of Manitoba.

To celebrate this partnership, this week in the Nimbus blog we spoke to Logan Schirrmeiste, the Vice President of Academic Events for the CSA. Logan chatted about offering more personalized services to their students as well as what it takes to navigate a business education during a pandemic.

Did the CSA have a tutoring program before or is this your first year?


So not really tutoring. We do have a bit of a mentorship program, typically the mentors are older students and then they get either paired up or in this year we’re doing more of a cohort thing, just to kind of [make it easier to] build some relationships and kind of get people accustomed to school. What we used to do around exams especially, we did these like group [study sessions]. So this is just a great opportunity for us to provide another resource for students.

I’m really thrilled, obviously it’s tough because our council turns over entirely on an annual basis. As we pass the reins to the new team everyone always has a bit of a different vision but I really can see this being a long term partnership. I hope that the value is seen for years to come, because I know Steph [the council president] and I were both on the same page from the get go that this is a great thing to take advantage of so.

This is just a great opportunity for us to provide another resource for students.

What sorts of strategies did you put in place this year get the tutoring program running?


We’re kind of still in the middle of it, but just really pushing the promotion. We’re really going to be pushing for tutors. We had tinitial launch and maybe half a dozen people signed up right away, which was great. We’re gonna continue to push people towards the app as much as possible.

In one of our conversations with Will, he mentioned that you guys are working on a group tutoring function, or in sessions like that, so we’re hoping to take advantage of that potentially by December if it’s ready for exam prep.

We’d like [the Nimbus App] to take the place of what we already do because otherwise we would probably be looking at like a very large zoom call. [That makes it hard] to ask questions as well so it would be ideal to be able to break that into smaller groups. Then [we can also offer] a more personal service as opposed to the 60 people in a room all going through a midterm or all going through a past final. That is helpful but it’s only so effective, and I’m sure there’s a lot of people that are like ‘I just really need help with a certain topic or a certain chapter’. I think this allows us to do that this year,

We'd like [the Nimbus App] to take the place of what we already do

Do you have any advice for students navigating the school year during the pandemic?


Definitely ask us questions, reach out to us get involved. Of course, there are way fewer involvement opportunities in general just because there’s not really any events going on so there’s less volunteering options. But with that said there are still opportunities out there and we’re adapting we’re changing we’re making kind of new things work.

That’s the number one thing. I think often students will have questions, but they are either scared or just not ready to necessarily ask them. We don’t bite.

There is that gap between a first year undergrad and a fifth year like myself. I know it’s only four years in age, but I think when you’re starting it seems like oh, who are these adults…Please reach out to us, we’re always willing to set aside 10-15 minutes just to chat about things or even check in if you’re looking to meet someone new. Especially with business specifically, there’s a huge networking component to this degree path and whatnot so we’re more than happy to make and build new connections.

Opportunity breeds opportunity. Depending on where you see yourself in three years, whether it’s involved at the school or maybe it’ll lead to a job through knowing someone. So its very important to ask us questions and try to get involved somehow just reach out to see.

Nimbus Learning now offers an online tutoring platform which allows students virtual access to academic support and mentorship. Click here to find out more.

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