Program Success Services

How our team supports and collaborates with your organization to implement successful programs.

A Dedicated Team at your Service

Work year-long with a committed team of Nimbus representatives to build, manage and expand your tutoring or mentorship program. Schedule timely check-ins whenever you like to monitor your programs’ progress while reviewing strategic outcomes, objectives, and discussing suggestions for upgrades and improvements.

Implementation, Resources & Customer Support

We offer a full suite of tutoring and mentorship material and templates while working with you to design and implement programs built around your needs. Use our tried and tested content related to tutor onboarding, student experience, communications and website layout. Give your students the support they need with direct, 24/7 access to our customer support team.

Training and Tutor Interviewing

Receive personalized training and onboarding resources to help you and your team become experts at using our solutions. We have helped our partners interview and onboard hundreds of tutors, ensuring their knowledge and communication skills align with your school’s academic requirements. Speak with a Nimbus representative to learn more about our full-service interviewing support.

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Program Integration

We work with you to consolidate and centralize access to tutoring and mentorship services across different faculties and organizations: creating a one-stop-shop for your students without sacrificing the uniqueness of each individual program. Integrate Single Sign-On, existing subsidies, and specifications for particular groups of students and departments.

Not One Size Fits All

Set secure teaching locations, determine fair hourly rates, integrate subsidization programs, and allow sessions to be conducted virtually, to ensure a safe, accessible and fulfilling experience for students.

Marketing Support

Collaborate with Nimbus’ dedicated marketing team to create a strategy that increases your programs awareness and engagement. Leverage a combination of techniques we provide including e-mail, social media, events/announcements, flyering, posters and webpage design to best attract your students.
We understand that variable budgets can be hard to approve and manage in the world of higher-ed. Speak with a Nimbus representative to learn more about how our team can manage and fund paid marketing initiatives
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