Unleash your child’s potential

At Nimbus, we are commited to help your child grow to achieve their goals.

Our Vision

To provide quality tutors with results guaranteed, with zero service fee charges from us! You get to pick from the best of the best tutors available for your child.

Our guarantee


We guarantee that your child will show an improvement of at least 2 grades in an academic year. Otherwise, we will refund up to a month’s worth of lessons* to you!

How are

we different

We guarantee results so that you don’t have to worry!

Our wide range of highly-qualified tutors allows you to select a tutor that best fits your child’s needs

Have access to all our tutors and pick your own tutor based on reviews

Online lessons are conveniently conducted through our app either on mobile or on desktop, with no third-party application required

Securely pay through our app and earn points on your credit card

Quality assurance

Our tutors have experience as a tutor or as a Ministry of Education (MOE) teacher. They also have a proven track record of increasing the grades of their students. We guarantee that our tutors can help improve your child’s results by at least 2 grades.* Teaching comes from the heart, and our tutors will go above and beyond to help your child achieve the best grades possible.

See terms and conditions

Lesson experience

Book, reschedule and have your lesson entirely through the app. Seamless integration of lessons ensures that both the tutor and your child focus on what is important.

Steps to get a tutor:

  • Download the app
  • Search for your subject
  • Pick your tutor
  • Book a lesson

Terms and conditions

  • An academic year is counted from November to October the year after.
  • Please email the test papers to info@nimbuslearning.com
  • Past test papers must be submitted prior to starting a lesson and test. papers taken after tutoring sessions must be submitted regularly to track progress.
  • If your child joins in the middle of an academic year, the value returned will be prorated accordingly.
  • A minimum of four lessons in a month must have been complete.