The Student

Learning App

An app that fosters student success by connecting your students, tutors and mentors. Available at your convenience on iOS, Android and desktop.

Scheduling Simplified

Our easy to navigate scheduling system lets students select a tutor, time and location for a session in no time, and integrates directly with their calendar. Tutors can manage their teaching calendar and locations to ensure that they are able to help others, while staying on schedule with their own work.

Online & In-Person Sessions

Control how and where you offer sessions for your programs. Our online software lets your students easily access help off-campus through video-supported lessons. Give your tutors and mentors the ability to share their screens, send files and utilize a virtual whiteboard to offer a complete learning experience.

Manage Your Payments

For feeless programs, help tutors and administrators manage timesheets, tutor payouts and receipts. For fee-based programs, integrate student payments, cancellations, refunds and subsidies.

Review System

Our built-in feedback system ensures students receive quality academic support while being able to voice any suggestions or concerns, or to thank their tutor for the help that they’ve provided! In fact, 95% of university tutors in our partners’ programs receive a 4.5 out of 5 stars or higher.

Create a Secure Community of Learning

Ensure a safe and positive environment for your students, tutors and mentors by selecting which locations on campus are acceptable for sessions to be held at. When using the app, our single sign-on integration ensures your information remains secure while creating a frictionless user experience.

Branded For You

Our app is customizable, allowing you to represent your organization’s branding and aesthetic preferences. Have multiple on-campus programs? Our sub-branding feature allows different student services that are run by different departments to personalize their pages to build a unique yet collaborative experience.

In-App Messaging

Students can chat in-app with their tutors and mentors, while exchanging files to prepare for sessions. Users can instantly message Nimbus’ Technical Support, or a key contact from your school from within the app, allowing for prompt responses if they have any questions, or run into any difficulties.

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