FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday May 19, 2021.
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Nimbus Learning teams up with Zoom to expand online tutoring and mentoring platform

Nimbus Learning’s online tutoring and mentoring app allows students to access flexible and reliable support wherever they are.


[Toronto, Ontario]: Nimbus Learning, the ed-tech platform that helps educational institutions and organizations build, manage, and optimize tutoring and mentorship programs, announced today that it has teamed up with Zoom Video Communications, Inc. to expand their online tutoring and mentoring platform.

“The past year has really challenged educational institutes to provide students with flexible and reliable support that meets them wherever they are,” says William Liu, Co-founder and CEO of Nimbus Learning. “Teaming up with Zoom allows Nimbus to expand our current online platform to provide an expanded suite of reliable and user-friendly options.

“In a world of remote learning, where educational institutes have increasingly begun to offer distance learning, we are thrilled that we have this opportunity to play a greater role in creating a more connected academic experience.”

“Zoom isn’t simply going to stop being used once people return to in-person activities,” says Ian Stone, the Student Services Manager of the Alma Mater Society at the University of British Columbia. AMS UBC partners with Nimbus Learning to manage their tutoring program. “Through Nimbus, AMS tutors and clients can continue to have a similar experience to what they would have in person, with the use of features such as the whiteboard. From an organizational perspective, we’ve spent the last year putting into place a strong framework of training our staff to ensure quality services, and so with the new Zoom partnership, we can really work on promoting our services to a broader student audience.”

“We’re thrilled that Nimbus Learning has selected Zoom as the platform that helps facilitate distance learning opportunities,” said Paul Magnaghi, ISV Program Leader at Zoom. “At Zoom we are committed to helping our partners and community of developers leverage Zoom to enhance and personalize remote and hybrid learning experiences. We look forward to helping them scale their offering to create educational opportunities globally.”

The Nimbus Learning online tutoring and mentoring platform allows students, tutors, and mentors to participate in sessions they have booked through an in-person, video or audio conference session. The platform also includes:

  • A whiteboard feature, giving students and tutors a fully flexible way to illustrate concepts.
  • Screen sharing
  • Group tutoring sessions of up to 300 people per call
  • Breakout rooms
  • An integrated chat function allows students to write down thoughts or questions to their tutors as they teach, as well as interact with their tutors if they find themselves in a location where they can’t talk (like a library or noisy apartment).

The online platform is complemented by a suite of support services, including scheduling in-person sessions (where it is safe to do so), program expansion, and admin support.

The online platform supported by Zoom is now live. For more information on the products offered by Nimbus, visit


About Nimbus Learning: Nimbus Learning is an ed-tech platform that helps educational institutes and organizations build, manage, and optimize tutoring and mentorship programs. Through the included Nimbus app, students are able to find tutors and mentors at their school specializing in the topic they need help with, book a mutually available time, pay for the services (if required), access the online or in-person session, and provide feedback – all directly through the platform. Nimbus Learning is trusted by more than 250,000 students and program administrators.


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