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Innovative software solutions for educators and employers to better connect learners with teachers.

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Partner with Nimbus

Student Unions and Educational Institutions

Provide a more enjoyable academic experience by using technology to engage students.

A service that helps students thrive

Successful peer tutoring, mentoring and counseling programs lead to better academic achievement and mental well-being, while also increasing student engagement.

Tailored technology to your organization

Manage your tutoring service with cutting-edge tools that are specifically designed to help you organize lessons, receive student feedback, and more.

No additional work

We help with interviewing tutors, providing customer support to your team and to students, and customizing our product to help increase student engagment.

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Local Tutoring, Coaching or Teaching Businesses

Grow with Nimbus.

Engage new customers

List your business on Nimbus to tap into our existing partnerships and benefit from our efforts to attract customers by way of digital and promotional marketing.

Manage your business more efficiently

Our technology reduces administrative workload by automating scheduling between students and instructors, tracking the success of employees and customers, and more.

An entire team at your service

Nimbus knows how to connect you to more students and our team is on standby to provide customer service, technical support, tips and tricks for marketing and more.

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Build your mentorship and coaching programs with Nimbus.

Connect your company from within

Help employees connect to share knowledge and better understand your company. Our software allows for effortlessly scheduled mentorship sessions and automates the processes of managing such a program.

Understand your employees

Promote and retain your top talent by tracking the effectiveness of mentorship programs such as the frequency of use, feedback on how sessions went, the type of help employees are seeking, and more.

Educational benefits for your staff

Thanks to our partnerships with local educational organizations, offer your employees credits for learning activities: tutoring for their children, learning a second language, fitness lessons, and more.

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