Investing in student services fuels student success.

Nimbus Learning helps build, manage and optimize your mentorship or tutoring program.
Investing In Student Services Fuels Student Success.

Higher education is changing

Our solutions help you increase student wellness, engagement and retention.

Support system

Many schools have expressed desire to increase usage of support systems.

Online tutor

As transfer and commuter populations have grown, so too has the demand for online tutoring capabilities.

Surveyed data

44% of schools surveyed said they needed more data on the effectiveness of their tutoring program.

Online school

Only 25% of medium-sized schools offer online tutoring.

Making the student experience more engaging and rewarding

Centralize and optimize your institution’s program to deliver more accessible services.

In-app messaging

Provide students the option to chat in-app with their tutor, your team or Nimbus Support to easily address concerns.

Online and in-person

Control where you offer sessions in-person and online using our mobile and desktop video conferencing solutions.

Calendar integrations

Allow students to book sessions that integrate with Outlook, Google Calendar and iOS.

Review system

Ensure a high-quality program for students with a customized, built-in feedback system.

Student Experience
Make the tutor and mentorship experience more efficient

Make the tutor and mentorship experience more efficient

The Nimbus Learning mobile application acts as a one-stop shop for tutors and mentors to connect with students and to easily manage their sessions.

Session management

Allow tutors and mentors to set their cancellation policy, student restriction and scheduling options – or set default options as a program administrator.


Allow vetted tutors and mentors to set up their own schedule and easily teach any of their approved subjects.

Virtual platform

Utilize screen sharing and whiteboard features such as adding files, drawings and more for students to collaborate with their tutors or mentors.


Determine hourly rates for sessions (or choose non-fee based) or allow tutors to set their prices and securely receive their payments through auto-deposits.

Efficient and user friendly administrator experience

Reduces workload by 75% through automating scheduling and centralizing information, while giving you time to engage with students and improve the program.


Send surveys and notifications to build student engagement. Target your push notifications to a specific group of users.


Customize the platform to represent your organization’s values, approve tutors and courses, create sub-organizations with different account permissions, and give tutors and mentors the option for private or group sessions.


Track user activity and performance of sessions, tutors and mentors. Export year-end reports to optimize your program and make data-driven decisions.

Learning management system

Integrate your tutoring and mentorship programs with your school’s learning management system for a centralized experience.

Manage time sheet and hours

Create, track and manage time sheets for users and export information.

Single Sign-On and security

Secure your data through account encryption and SSO to keep data secure and ensure your students have a seamless experience.

Efficient and user friendly administrator experience
Never on your own with Nimbus student success services

Never on your own with Nimbus student success services

Work with our committed team at Nimbus Learning to schedule timely check-ins to monitor progress while reviewing strategic outcomes, objectives, and discussing suggestions for upgrades and improvements.

Marketing support

Promote your program using our marketing team’s expertise, templates, social media management, graphics materials, email templates, professor outreaches and more to improve awareness and usage.

Tutor on-boarding

Set guidelines for the Nimbus Program Success Team to follow in promoting, recruiting and on-boarding tutors and mentors for the organization. Schedule check-ins for progress and updates.


We integrate with single sign-on (SSO), learning management systems (LMS) and student information systems (SIS). Including Moodle, Shibboleth, OneCard and more.


We provide personalized resources, communicate with stakeholders across institution and train tutors to make managing your program more convenient.

What our partners are saying about Nimbus Learning

As the sessions have gone up, the workload has gone down.
Charlie Burke

Vice President of academic affairs for the Mount Allison Students’ union 2021

The rating system and the convenience of the Nimbus app gave me confidence in the tutors. After my first session, I used it every time before a midterm or final. I hope imbus can continue to help organizations provide programs that help students succeed.
Oscar Aidan


There are some courses at the UofM that are pretty popular, like your chemistry and organic chemistry and courses like that. Previously we’ve run out of tutors, but with Nimbus I’m not finding that problem.
Tooba Razi

Director of Academics for the University of Manitoba Science Student Association 2021

Nimbus has made teaching a seamless and hassle-free process. The platform is user-friendly and I love the flexibility that comes with it… Most of all, I very much appreciate the dedicated and friendly support that I constantly receive from the Nimbus team should I need any help.
To have a company come offer a solution that modernizes tutoring and studying with friends made things a lot safer, accessible and sustainable for the St.FX tutoring community.
Cecil VanBuskirk

President of St. FX Student’s Union 2019-2020

I really enjoy that the payment [system] is automated… once you’re set up with the payment stuff, there’s no more work that needs to be done.
Oliver Bourdeau

Tutor St FX.

It’s very easy to schedule. It’s very easy to keep track of your students, your schedule. I think it’s a pretty neat application.
I like that I can actually be reached by individuals that would not necessarily come to me. I get a lot of individuals from other programs because [by] being able to select course material instead of subject areas, I’m able to help individuals in other courses and other programs all across the institute with similar material.
Daniel Milan

Tutor, NAIT

The right choice for students and program managers alike

0 x

Organization I saw 7.5x growth in tutoring hours per semester and 5x growth in students using their tutoring program after switching to Nimbus.

0 x

Organization II saw a 10x growth in their tutoring hours after switching to Nimbus, with 25% of their student population on the app after one year

0 hours

Organizations saw an average of 35 hours tutoring on Nimbus app, per week.

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