With the end of exams comes the second Summer of COVID. While we may be feeling like the last thing we can handle is several more months of social distancing and Zoom friendship dates, we many need to hold tight a little longer. However, staying safe doesn’t necessarily mean that we should remain in the same couch-potato position we’ve embodied all winter.

Here, we’ve rounded up our five favourite socially-distanced summer activities.

Tip #1

Visit a Drive in Movie


Bring back the 50’s nostalgia of watching the big screen from your sweetheart’s car. If you’re on your own, invite some friends to come in their own cars and set up a conference call. Bonus, since everyone’s in their own metal bubbles, no one will complain if you laugh just a little too loud at your friend’s take.

Man in green jacket surrounded by plants is being kissed by a dog

Tip #2

Make the plants less afraid of you


If you’ve managed to kill every houseplant that’s crossed your threshold, now might be the time to finally learn how to take care of a small garden (or a window-sill planter if you’re backyardless). Before getting started, research what climate zone you’re in and really think about when your chosen spot gets light, to help you choose the plants that will really thrive. There are even plants that do well in almost perpetual shadow, if you find the building next door steals all of your sunlight.

Tip #3

Join a virtual bookclub


Nothing screams summer more than lying under a big tree, casually flipping through the latest novel-de-jour. If the thought of a bookclub sends you spiralling with visions of doilies on couches and out-of-touch readers who argue about every comma, don’t be afraid. Search for the type of club that interest you – from Horror, to James bond novels, to memoirs. Virtual clubs mean you don’t have to be in the area to join – so take advantage of the new-found selection!

an image of a book on green fronds lit by a hand-held lamp
A messenger on a bike looks at his phone

Tip #4

Pick up a side hustle


If you’ve got some extra time and energy on your hands, why not investigate picking up a flexible side hustle to really get ahead for when things are back in full swing. Walk your neighbour’s dog, become a bike messenger, get into secret shopping, or see if you can really make a go of selling your artwork online. Now’s the time to experiment, so try a few different things out to see what sticks!

Tip #5



When the world shut down, many causes were put on the back-burner. A second summer of COVID also means that those fundraising marathons, concerts, and dinner parties will once again have to be postponed. Even if you don’t feel like you have any skills, you can help. Reach out to a cause you care about to see if there’s anything you can do – maybe it’s helping box up food for the local food bank, maybe it’s putting a virtual fundraiser together for your local animal shelter, the list goes on. Every little bit helps.

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