So you’ve set up your  A+ tutoring session, and ran it like the rockstar you are.  But how do you really make sure your students are going to excel once you send them back into the wide world? And how do you let them know that you’re here for them if they need help again down the road?

In this blog post we’ve got 5 tips to wrap-up your tutoring session and set your students up for success.

Tip #1

Set an alarm for 5 minutes before the session is set to end and use this for wrap-up questions

In our blog post “Tips to conduct a smooth tutoring session” we recommended that you leave the last 5 minutes of the session to give the student a chance to clarify anything they didn’t understand during the session. This is their chance to really solidify the information you covered, so encourage them to take a few moments to think about the session before ending for the day.

Tip #2

Ask if there’s something they would like to cover in another session, or if they would like to review something again.

A lot of student are afraid of judgment, so they may not feel comfortable asking for even more help if they need it. Bridge the gap by asking if they feel confident in the material and assuring them that it’s okay if they don’t – that’s what you’re there for!

Let them know that you’d be happy to set up another session if they feel they need it – or that they can contact you (through the Nimbus app of course) at a later date to set up a session.

Tip #3

If you already have the next session booked, take a look at the student’s syllabus to help guide them on what to look at next.

When you’re struggling in a course it can be difficult to see the forest through the trees. If you have repeat sessions set up with your student, take a few minutes at the end of each session to look at the the class syllabus to effectively plan what you should look at next time.

Do they have a midterm coming up? Might be a good idea to set a chunk of time aside for review. What about any projects – do they need help brainstorming ideas? Always ask for the student’s input before setting the agenda.

Tip #4

Follow up a few days after the session

A few days after your session reach out to your student to check in to see how they’re doing. Follow up with particular concepts they were having trouble with and remind them of the tips you gave them during the session (i.e. mnemonic devices, memory tricks, small details that make all the difference, etc.)

This is also a great time to follow up with any questions the students had that you didn’t know the answer to during the session.

*Be mindful when you are contacting a student – as a general rule of thumb only contact them through the channels they’ve used to contact you, or that they’ve given you permission to use. For example, if they contacted you through the Nimbus App, it might not be the best idea to track them down on Instagram.

Tip #5

Make sure you set the next session up properly

It can be tempting to let this session just role into the next one, but each time you meet with your student it’s important that you set the session up properly to maximize your opportunity for success. Check out our recent blog “Tips to set up an A+ tutoring session” for tips on how to hit the ground running every time.

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