The Admin Console:

Easy tutor management

A dashboard that makes it possible to control your tutoring and mentorship programs while tracking and optimizing the offerings for your students.

Reporting and analytics

Reduce workload by up to 75% through easily managed scheduling, payments and tutor on-boarding. The result is more time to focus on optimizing your program.


Track up-to-date analytics to make informed decisions on your program.

Data privacy & compliance

Choose the location of your server to host your information securely.

Surveys and push notifications

Use engagement features like our in-app announcements, surveys and user support features to interact with your students and better understand their needs.

Customize your program

Approve tutors, add courses, determine fair hourly rates, integrate subsidization programs, set secure teaching locations and/or allow sessions to be conducted virtually to ensure a safe, accessible and fulfilling experience for students.

Tutor management

Track session attendance, quality, and automatically generate timesheets and receipts to decrease management hours.


Our tutor management software allows you to track what kinds of help your students are looking for, which courses are in high demand and how your tutors are performing to improve your program.

Consolidate programs

Centralize your programs and set different permissions for tutor approval, program setting and course approval to maintain the uniqueness of every program.

Technology that fuels student success

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