Program success services

How our team supports and collaborates with your organization to implement successful tutoring programs.

A dedicated team at your service

Work year-long with a committed team of Nimbus representatives to build, manage and expand your mentorship or tutoring program. Schedule timely check-ins whenever you want to monitor your progress while reviewing strategic outcomes and objectives. Discuss suggestions for upgrades and improvements.

Tutor, mentor and student management support

Give your tutors, mentors and students the support they need with direct, 24/7 access to our Partner Success Team. Add your own support channel to the app to have users directly communicate with program administrators.

Program design

Set secure teaching locations, determine fair hourly rates, integrate subsidization programs, and allow sessions to be conducted virtually, to ensure a safe, accessible and fulfilling experience for students.

Implementation support

We offer a full suite of tutoring and mentorship material while working with you to design and implement programs built around your needs.

Customized feature request

Your feedback is valuable to us. Let us know what we can do to improve and expand our feature offering and we will work to make them a reality.
Two team members interview a potential new member of a school's tutpring program

Tutor interviewing and recruitment

Our Partner Success Team will use your institution’s guidelines and requirements to conduct the interviewing and recruitment on your behalf. Ask for background checks for maximum security.


If it is your first time building a program, we can make suggestions of what other programs have done to help you build a robust interviewing and vetting system.

A group tutoring program admin are talking around a table. One person, front left, focuses on his tablet as he writes down what the others are saying.

Program promotion and communication planning

Collaborate with Nimbus’ dedicated Marketing Team to create a strategy that increases your programs’ engagement and visibility. Leverage a combination of techniques including e-mail, social media, events/announcements, flyering, posters and webpages designed to best attract your students.

Consolidate and centralize

We work with you to consolidate and centralize access to tutoring and mentorship services across different faculties and organizations. The result is a one-stop-shop for your students without sacrificing the uniqueness of each individual program.

Outreach to other partners

Establish a plan to reach out to other stakeholders in the organization or community to grow the program.

If you don’t have the time, we can do it for you!

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