Find a tutor

The Nimbus Learning app connects you directly to your tutor. Access in-person or online tutoring directly through the app. Available on iOS, Android and desktop.

Scheduling simplified

Our easy to navigate scheduling system lets you find a tutor and then select a time and location for your session. The app integrates directly with your calendar.

In-person & online sessions

Schedule a session in a pre-approved location or easily access help through video supported lessons. Your tutors can share their screens, send files and utilize a virtual whiteboard to offer a complete learning experience.

Manage your payments

No need to run to the ATM before a session – pay directly through the app. Cancellations, refunds and subsidies are also supported.

Review system

Let your tutor know what works and what could be improved, or thank them for the help that they’ve provided! In fact, 95% of tutors in our partners’ programs receive a 4.5 out of 5 stars or higher.

A secure community of learning

When using the app, our single sign-on integration ensures your information remains secure while creating a frictionless user experience.

In-app messaging

No need to exchange phone numbers or emails with strangers. Once you find a tutor, chat and exchange files in-app to prepare for sessions. If you have any questions or run into any difficulties, you can also instantly message Nimbus Learning’s technical support or a key contact from your school from within the app.

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