A student sits at a table looking at her textbooks. Students who use the Nimbus Learning tutoring platform benefit from video, whiteboards and text based tutoring tools

Why Nimbus Learning provides more than just text based tutoring tools

While text based tutoring can help bridge a gap, it does have significant drawbacks that require face-to-face or video support to make a successful learning experience.

Lakeland college uses the Nimbus platform to be more efficient

How Lakeland College uses Nimbus Learning to cut down on administrative time across departments

Lakeland uses Nimbus Learning to cut back, big time, on the amount of time and effort it takes to run their tutoring program.

A grey stone building with a domed roof and pedestals across the front entrance way sits between two rows of mature trees

The MIT Talented Scholars Resource Room

Learn how the Mount Allison Student Union, used the Nimbus platform to centralizing the various campus tutoring programs and how they intend to meet the demands of a hybrid campus.

Administration Building, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg. Home to a volunteer tutoring program

How student associations at the University of Manitoba are building volunteer tutoring programs with Nimbus Learning

Two faculty associations at the University of Manitoba, the Engineering Society and the Science Students’ Association, connected with Nimbus to streamline their volunteer tutoring programs.

A girl who took advantage of the more efficient tutoring program at mount Saint Vincent university stands in a classroom, holding a green book and smiling.

How Nimbus Learning made tutoring easier at Mount Saint Vincent University

when the MSVUSU first started with Nimbus, Allan signed on. Overall, as a tutor, she says the platform made her more efficient. It got rid of the back and forth to book a session, and provided an easy way to advertise her services.

A picture of the pond behind Nipissing University, which is often used for research. The school partnered with Nipissing to support their peer tutoring program.

How Nimbus helped Nipissing University make their peer tutoring program soar

“Nimbus has really, significantly changed my interaction with a program that I have wanted to see succeed, but was being held back by its own realities. And that means the world.”

Three students who feel a sense of belonging at school sit at a table together. They have their laptops open and are laughing.

Five tips to promote your tutoring program

Being a student is a TON of work. Here are five tips to alert students that help is available.

A woman who was recruited to be a tutor sits at the end of a wood table, wiring in a workbook.

Five more ways to boost tutor applications

Midterms are now in session and students are looking for support. Last week we had five tips to recruit tutors for your program, and this week we have five more so you can fully staff your tutoring program and go back to focusing on what matters.

A woman who was recruited to be a tutor is leaning against a wall and looking directly into the camera

Five ways to increase tutor applications

This week we have five tips to improve tutor applications, so you can fully staff your tutoring program and go back to focusing on what matters.