Improve student retention with an accessible tutoring platform

Nimbus provides an end-to-end tutoring platform for easier access, efficient management and on-demand analytics. The result is saving administrative time, reducing preventable dropouts and ensuring students succeed.

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Administrator experience

Nimbus clients, on average, save 52% program management time when compared to other schools.

  • Schools use a patchwork of existing tools to manage their success services. Nimbus centralizes everything you need in our all-in-one platform.
  • Get automatic, instant reports on semesterly student satisfaction, subject demand, session numbers, and more through the dashboard.
  • Control appointment availability, drop-in tutoring times, tutoring locations, course offerings and more, all through the platform.
  • Have multiple tutoring programs like drop-ins, SIs, paper drop-offs or appointment programs? Keep things organized by hosting them all on the Nimbus Tutoring Platform to reduce silos and keep data organized.
  • We’re in this together. Get tech support, marketing support, tutor recruitment, training and program management help from our in-house support team.
Nimbus centralizes many tasks, like Scheduling, surveying & reporting, recruitment, in-session experience surveys, and time-sheet & hour tracking
Three views of the Nimbus app; a list of courses availble for tutors; a tutor profile page and a calendar function

Student experience

97% of students report grade increases after accessing a tutoring program hosted with Nimbus.

  • Students access the Nimbus Platform & log into their institution.
  • Students select the institution’s applicable tutoring program(s), search for their course and select an available appointment or check in to a drop-in session.
  • Sessions can be held on the Nimbus Virtual Tutoring Platform or at a selection of on-campus locations pre-approved by you.
  • Students can communicate with tutors through the app and attach files to prepare for sessions.
  • Payments, credits, refunds all securely handled through the Nimbus Platform (if applicable for your program).

Tutor experience

Tutors, students and administrators give the Nimbus Platform an ease-of-use rating of 4.5/5 stars.

  • Tutors apply to their program manager or, if requested by administrators, to the Nimbus Partner Success Team.
  • Tutors receive training and best practices from program administrators or the Nimbus Partner Success Team.
  • Once approved, tutor accounts are created where they seamlessly set up their account profile, courses, availability, and more.
  • Sessions can be held on the Nimbus Virtual Tutoring Platform or at a selection of on-campus locations pre-approved by you.
  • No need for stressful upkeep of sessions: time sheets, payments, credits or hours are handled automatically by the platform.
A phone is open to a list of the available courses for tutoring at AMS on the nimbus app.

What people have been saying about Nimbus:

A suite full of tools
just for you!

Simplified booking management

Appointment tutoring

No need to spend countless hours matching tutors to students: our easy-to-navigate scheduling system lets students select a tutor, time and location for a session and integrates directly with their calendar. Tutors can easily manage their teaching calendar and location or online availability.

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A secure community of learning

Drop-in and SI tutoring

Offer a drop-in or SI tutoring program? The Nimbus Platform supports group-based and drop-in tutoring. Collect analytics on student visits through the platform's automated check-in and check-out feature.

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Online sessions

Hybrid support

Allow students to easily access virtual tutoring. Provide your students the ability to share their screens, send files, use a virtual whiteboard, and more to offer a complete learning experience.— OR —Ensure a safe and positive environment for your students and tutors by selecting which locations on campus are acceptable for your programs.

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Reporting and analytics

Reporting and analytics

View and export instant reports on tutoring hours, visits, unique students, repeating students, satisfaction scores and more. Spend less time getting more data for better program planning.

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Program design

Predictive analytics

Nimbus can be easily integrated with your school's learning management system and student information systems, giving administrators the ability to gather and harness data on the use of services, advanced warning for at-risk students, and targeted interventions.

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Consolidate and centralize

Program consolidation

Centralize your programs and set permissions for each program coordinator. Students have the added benefit of only having to access one platform — Nimbus Learning — to see all of the available programs and tutors.

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Manage your payments

Payment and timesheet management

Track hours, manage timesheets and administer credit programs. Set parameters for students and tutors according to your tutoring program. Payments are securely processed through the app.

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A secure community of learning

Review and feedback system

Ensure students receive quality support while voicing any suggestions, concerns or appreciation to their tutor using our customizable review system. Privacy and anonymity can be adapted to your institution’s needs. See what students are saying, overall ratings and trends at a glance on the administrative dashboard.

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In-app messaging

Chat-based messaging

Students and tutors are able to chat and send files with each other through the platform for more effective and organized lessons. Students and tutors may also message program managers and Nimbus Support for immediate program or platform support.

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Customize your program

Branded and customized tutoring platform

Our tutoring platform is customizable, allowing you to represent your institution’s aesthetic preferences. Have multiple on-campus tutoring services? Our sub-branding feature allows different services, centers, and departments to personalize their sections within the platform.

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Dashboard Data privacy

Accessibility and security compliance

Worried about IT? We stay on top of security (SOC-2) and accessibility (WCAG) compliance so that your IT department does not have to worry.

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Icon of a blue winning ribbon

Badges and certifications

Let tutors show off their certifications (e.g. CRLA, accessibility) by attaching badges to their tutor profiles.

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A person in the missin connected to various modules outside of them

Customized surveys

Add customized surveys throughout the student and tutor user experience to receive additional, granular insights about your program.

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A speech bubble with a question mark in it

No-show and cancelation tracking

Set cancellation and no-show policies for your program. Students and tutors who no-show or cancel last minute to a confirmed appointment session can be flagged for further action.

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A dedicated team at your service

Booking limits

Want to limit the number of tutoring sessions that your students can book? Set weekly booking limits for your students that reset on a weekly basis so that all students have equal access to your service.

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Tutor management

Nimbus Tutors

Are you lacking in-house tutors to support courses that your students are requesting? We can also provide students with instant access to Nimbus Tutors, a roster of trained and vetted tutors that can support course gaps in first- and second-year introductory courses.

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