Prevent student dropouts with an effective mentorship program

The Nimbus Platform expands seamlessly to your mentorship program(s), helping you manage your services while allowing students to easily search and connect with vetted mentors.

Reduce student dropout rates by expanding their network and helping them build the right skills with an optimized, responsive mentorship program.

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Mentee experience

Gain advice from peers and build connections to their new institution’s community.

  • Get help navigating your institutions services
  • Build and expand on their peer and career network
  • Add to their co-curricular activities
  • Improve the transition to a new school & reduce student dropout rates

Mentor experience

Help new peers transition into life at your school by providing their perspective and experience

  • Develop leadership skills
  • Add onto their sense of community
  • Improve knowledge and communication skills
  • Grow their portfolio by gaining a new experience
An image of a phone open to the mentorship request function on the nimbus app. An inset shows the mentorship request function, saying “REQUEST MENTOR: By requesting a mentor, you fill out a form and program administrator will match you to a mentor that best fits your needs and requirements.”

Benefits of the
Nimbus Mentorship Platform

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Expand your mentorship program

The platform includes a self-select and matching feature which enables mentors and mentees to find their own partnerships or be matched automatically. Support soft-skill development by nudging mentees with ideas on what to discuss in each session through filter categories and a session-planning feature.

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Facilitate new networks

In an increasingly digital age, nothing replaces the value of human connections. A mentorship program supported by Nimbus Learning facilitates connections to help students carve their unique paths in life while navigating all the uncertainties that comes with a post-secondary journey.

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Peer-to-peer mentorships to reduce student dropouts

Help students experience everything your institution has to offer by connecting new students with senior classmates. Peer mentors reduce student dropout by supporting the adjustment to a new school, by helping navigate degree requirements and through relaying first hand experience with professors and campus activities.

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Ease the transition from student to professional

Transitions to careers are one of the top issues preoccupying the minds of post-secondary students. Easily connect students with alumni who are keen to shed light on their career path to learn what they can do with their degree.

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Connect alumni with the best talent your institute has to offer

Help alumni give back and share the wisdom they wish they had early on in their careers. Connecting with young professionals is also a great resource for new talent.

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Expand the reach of your career mentorship program

In a rapidly changing workforce, digital mentorship platforms help students connect with mentors who understand what’s needed to excel in a career today. Keep your career program competitive by easily updating and expanding your mentor list.

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