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What our partners are saying about Nimbus Learning

Rapide, concis et efficace. J'adore sa façon de vulgariser les sujets de façon claire et facile à comprendre. Très satisfait.
Fabien Poulin

AESGUL (Tutor recruitment)

Elle m'a rassurée pour mon examen, sur la matière et en général. Elle m'a donné des trucs et des conseils pour bien me préparer. Elle m'a tout de suite mis à l'aise. Je n'avais pas peur de poser des questions. Je vais définitivement prendre une séance de tutorat avec elle si jamais j'ai encore besoin d'aide pour un cours. Merci!! 😊
Hajar Ez Zamani

Polytechnique Montréal

Il est vraiment très clair dans ces explications et connaît très bien sa matière. Excellent tuteur!
Mahrukh Azhar

Polytechnique Montréal

Through the growing partnership with Nimbus I’ve been able to offer more study hall hours and extend my office hours to better help support and accommodate our student athletes busy schedules
Mike Andrews

Athletics Academic Success Coach - Bishop’s University

Krysten is very knowledgeable and helpful. She goes above and beyond. I get more out of our one hour sessions than I do some two hour lectures.
Jessica Worobetz

NAITSA (tutor recruitment)

Very knowledgeable and friendly and super organized. I will be requesting from this teacher for every class I can! Highly recommend!
Taylor Kronyk

NAITSA (tutor recruitment)

Adam is awesome. He explains concepts super well and can help you with any questions you may have. Excellent tutor. Highly recommend him for your C# needs !
Alex Isidoro

NAITSA (tutor recruitment)

Amazing teacher who provides thorough and detailed explanations that make concepts much easier to understand!
Shua Cho


Gave me great ways to organize the information I need to memorize like creating a road map and using different coloured pens to separate categories.
Alex Liddell -Grainger

Bishops University (tutor recruitment)

Thorough explanations and does a very good job at simplifying key terms and concepts.
Emma Leblanc

Bishops University (tutor recruitment)

Kate is very knowledgeable and gives thorough explanations on the topic. She walks through step by step to make sure you understand. Highly recommend it!
Danielle Storey

Bishops University (tutor recruitment)

It was solution that integrated everything that we were looking for…it was very intuitive and was the solution that we were looking for
Alessandra Medeiros

NAITSA Service Hub Lead Coordinator

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