Response to COVID19

In response to COVID-19 and the need for institutes of higher learning to ensure the safety of their students by implementing social distancing strategies, Nimbus now offers virtual tutoring options as an add-on feature for all universities

Investing in student services fuels students’ success.

Nimbus helps you build and manage tutoring and mentorship programs for your university or college.

Higher education is changing

Our solutions help you increase student wellness and engagement while decreasing student attrition.

Digital world brings unique challenges and solutions


82% of students would be more satisfied if their university or college managed services digitally.

Academics and mental health are closely linked


92% of students in counselling report having problems with academic work.

Student drop outs are preventable with additional support


40% of students drop out due to academic performance.

Build, modernize and centralize your university or college’s tutoring and mentoring programs by providing your students with a custom branded mobile application.

Streamline the booking processes for students and instructors with an intuitive scheduling tool.
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Whether it be at select locations on campus, or online, through our mobile-desktop video conferencing solutions, control how and where you offer sessions for your programs.
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Ensure the maintenance of high-quality support for students with a built-in feedback system.
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Securely, efficiently facilitate transactions, while easily providing financial assistance for student services.
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Customize the platform to represent your values and aesthetic.
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Ensure students can quickly contact their tutor or your team, if they ever have any questions
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Nimbus’ Administration Console gives you access to important data and trends on how your programs are performing, while providing complete control over all aspects of these services.

Understand trends throughout the semester, so that you can prepare for peak periods.
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Track what type of help students are looking for most, how tutors & mentors are performing, and improve your services accordingly.
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Send notifications and surveys to students to promote campus engagement.
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Provide different levels of access to different members of your organization, with an unlimited number of accounts provided.
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The right choice for students
and program managers alike


Increase in student grades


Decrease in administrative workload


Of students using our platform rate sessions 4.5 out of 5 stars or higher.

Students are struggling to keep up with a changing world. The technology they interact with should bring them together, not do the reverse.

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Success stories

Together with the amazing team at Nimbus, our program launch was a big success! The fact that students can book and pay tutors all in one app makes tutoring just a click away. I’m very satisfied with our partnership with Nimbus, and I highly recommend their services!

Patrick Arevalo- Patrick Arevalo, UMSU Peer Tutoring Coordinator

The rating system and the convenience of the Nimbus app gave me confidence in the tutors. After my first session, I used it every time before a midterm or final. I hope Nimbus can continue to help organizations provide programs that help students succeed.

Oscar AidanStudent

Nimbus has made teaching a seamless and hassle-free process. The platform is user-friendly and I love the flexibility that comes with it... Most of all, I very much appreciate the dedicated and friendly support that I constantly receive from the Nimbus team should I need any help.

Pierre ShenoudaTutor